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If it turns out as good as my good one gosh I'd be happy. Any comments or possible easy solutions to this problem would be appreciated as I am reluctant to tear into this problem without help. This model is rare and I would like to hear from anyone who has one. Nice job on yours.Nice to see good restoration jobs. Would consider selling for the right price. I would like some info on what the levers are & do. If anyone is interested it wouldn't take much for parade condition. as soon as the tractor started there was an explosion, in the crankcase that ingaged the clutch and the tractor took off with me after it. Все вышеперечисленные факторы имеют особое значение, так как одежда предназначается для детей, в том числе - для новорожденных. Also am looking for a hydroulic pump for same model. I know that they bring good money at auction. he recently pulled the injector pump to put on another tractor he has. This one was red and grey but had gold paint on base almost like primer. I have been in the construction business many years and owned many new large and small dozers over the years, this will the keeper. I recently installed a new after market radiator. The tractor is either a restoration project or excellent parts tractor being complete except muffler and seat. The brakes or lack there of are my first challenge. If some one knows please contact me, and good luck on finding parts. if your going to became macanik you lern how to fics jd's. Have used it for evey thing around the farm, and ran the piss out of it. I have it equipped with a Shwartz loader. Other then it's old have not had any thing go bad. have given other brands a run for thier money. It is painted yellow which is not the original color. We used to own both, an they were excellent for our hay operations. Besides, my momma could out pull a JD any day. The tractor has electric starts and lights. He took an old leaf spring and placed it in the split in the fly wheel at the crank shaft turned on the switch and with one heave started it, he was a very big man. Replaced the bearing and it still happens. Seems like no one wants to talk worth, but they really want to buy it. Покупая на официальном сайте Kerry, вы можете оформить доставку товаров по всей территории. It was 'Horse' and anyone that ever drove one can attest to the fact that it wouldn't stop for anything. The tranny's in those things, in my opinion, are junk. I just replaced the starter armature with a Delco rebuilt and it starts great every time. There was the G an A a MT and an old allis chalmers B. How do we find out what this tractor is worth. no tickets as he knew why i wasn't in school and why i was behind the wheel. That G could climb hill's from a standing start in sixth gear, as this gentelman demonstrated to us that day. John deere did not etch serial numbers in the casting of parts, most of those are part numbers. My next challenge is locating the nose and hood sheet metal. Use it every year to plow and Bushog at the hunting club. Can you tell if I'm proud of my little smoker. I've read all the notes above and still don't know where to find the serial number. HAS TWO FUEL TANKS, BELIEVE SMALLER TANK WAS FOR GAS TO START THE ENGINE THEN SWITCH TO DEISEL. I absolutley loved this tractor when I was growing up. it doesn't seem to affect the amount it lifts. If anyone knows a souce for original or aftermarket rims, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure everyone reading these posted messages agree that restoring an old tractor can be quite expensive and rewarding. It is for an old friend that wants to rebuild it when he retires. I had set up a three point hitch on it and it worked perfectly until i hit a big bump and bounced the box scraper that was in the raised position. But the the IH was definitely a better "lugger", and I LOVE the sound of International engines. I looking for right side front grill and a battery box. They always dominated at the tractor pulls in my south central Wisconsin hometown. I am srictlya John Deere man all the way.

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. I just went through the brakes and wheel seals, fuel valve, new starter and switch, oil and temp gauges are both new from John Deere and the fuel and gas tank has been restored. Also some one made there own muffler so she's alittle loud. Почему родители ценят детскую одежду Kerry: Комбинезоны, брюки, варежки обладают отличными водо- и грязеотталкивающими свойствами. Plese email if have one in good condition. It was the primary tractor on our small horse farm doing everything from spreading manure and mowing hay to clearing snow and bush hogging. My dad is the sconed oner and it was the guy's bigest tractor. I just love John Deeres, but my wife like MF, I hate her. Safety is the one that stands out the most. my three point arms will bounce up and down with the smallest load. One is the front piece that goes over the top of the grill right in front of the radiator cap. The sheet metal is also in good condition. Can someone point me towards an aftermarket supplier I also have some used parts. Very little green left on this tractor and its in pieces. Don,t ask how much they were as I live in Canada and had to pay the dollar exchange as well. It brought me many an hour of enjoyment and wish I had it here with me now.they are a good size for doing even big jobs. Would like a response from anyone in the southeast as I live in Florida. Google CRAWLER TRACKS PINS AND BUSHINGS and your will find a lot of good information. I HAVE ALWAYS HEARD THIS WAS THE "BLACK SHEEP" OF THE FAMILY.I LOVE THIS TRACTOR.

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. Use Google to find a shop that does pin and bushing replacement. My favorite part was the automatic brakes - some of you will remember - when the fron wheeel turned just so far it pulled a cable that engaged the brake on the appropriate side. it isn't running now and needs lots of work, but I hope to restore it one day and use it for small tasks around the farm. We brought it home and restored it now I just take it to shows. Freinds tell me this would be a good small farm tractor. she's in the hands of a guy that'll give her a good home and not make her work anymore. The gear shift bolts onto the transmisson houseing different, and the clutch is different, plus some other minor things. It s a pitty it s hidden by the cylinder head and block. I am needing a bigger tractor so I have to sell this one first. The finest little tractor in the world, and I have had a bunch of tractors. it runs great but as dad says is still in its work clothes. the nent day they went to start the tractor. but i like tractor pulling, working on displays, and nascar. I am from Saskatchewan Canada, near the ND border. started farming with red bought a jd blow up. We live in the mountains just like back in WV and as it has snowed here the past few days I could sure have fun pushing snow.did I mention that I miss playing on my toy , as my wife called it. does any one have any information,or what to check. anyone knows where one is e-mail me at swamprat at sonet.net Steve C. But like Chris Roberts said above opinions are like ass-holes, everybody has them. All it needs is a little body work on the hood and a paint job. I have put in several of these comments on other sites with no success. The same holds true for them about that nice sounding engine. would also like to find a plow for one thank you. It works great for grubbing small saplings for clearing land and levelling lawns for seeding and grading gravel driveways. It's in very good condition as of now and runs great. I live in northeastern Iowa, by Dorchester. my job in the fall was to haul the shell corn and oats to town. Добрый вечер! Мы получили комбенизон.Спасибо большое ещё раз! Всего доброго. It came with front axle and wheels, tires were shot rear end and trans entact, steering,and propeller shaft with clutch housing. but only deep in the woods and on a steep grade. Model "H" are very hard to find, but that one was the first one I saw in the store. I HAVE NO PLACE IN THE CITY TO PUT THEM, NOW THEY ARE OUT AT MY FRIENDS FARM. I needed a tractor to haul my fire wood with and this fit the bill for several years into the future. It almost starts, but need to know more about the levers at the present time.. There seemed to be a persistant hydraulic problem with them both plugging up the filters with a slimy goo. the fact that your tension adjustment won t take the slack out of the tracks points to this condition. We have a hold in the block the size of a golf ball.

them were sold well in several countries or areas such as Germany, Italy, USA, and Australia. Вся детская одежда ТМ  имеет превосходные характеристики. Комбинезоны  отличаются высокой водонепроницаемостью, грязеотталкивающими свойствами, оригинальностью дизайна, а использование новейших материалов делает уход за вещами очень простым. The PTO shaft has broken and to top it all off it now refuses to run. Футболка музыкальная. The rear oil pump that lubes the transmission wasn't working due to a bearing failure